Let me introduce our new brand: ILEVEN INSTRUMENTS. Here’s where the story begins: we desire to remember and continue the work of my, our, dearest Mr. W. Richard Vogel, Vogel srl’s founder and my father, who unfortunately passed away in 2020.

A great man who put heart and soul into his company and this allowed us all to be here, today, among the leaders in the distribution of precision instruments.

In many occasions it takes time to define a new brand, sometimes this is a job for a professional. In this case, after a few months of sector and graphic studies, the name ILEVEN came up to my mind naturally.

ILEVEN, an italianization of number ELEVEN, 11, the day when my father died, the day when my life completely changed, the day when I became Vogel srl’s new owner.

“Il” (which can stand for number 11, too) are the first two letters of our new brand; “even” is the second part of the word, another italianization of the word “heaven”, from where He can see and protect us, encouraging us to do better and better.

The word “instruments” doesn’t need any explanation.

Regarding the graphic, our logo is minimal and squared to mark the precision; an elegant black with shades of grey and white and our ever-present red V always remind who we are.. Vogel srl!

Our new project comes with a top range of branded instruments with our new logo, to distinguish ourselves in the market.

Now that you know us better, we want to thank you all for your precious cooperation; thanks to those who have been with us for more than thirty years and to those who we have just met; all of you who got us here and who will help us to grow. Thank you from all of us!

Vogel Stefano CEO